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Schoolhouse Classes

Bargello Quilts, Get the Move On
Joan Landin

Bergello quilts are defined by the appearance of movement within the patchwork, an optical illusion of waves flowing and ebbing that is created from strips sewn together in an offset mathematical pattern. _Quilting Daily

That is what I like about Bargello. I hope to show the basics of making a Bargello Quilt. We all like to take fabric, cut it up, sew it together differently and then cut it up again and sew it together again to make a pattern that is pleading. Everyone has different tastes - not one is wrong, just different. I want to show how fun it is to do. Come join us to learn the possibilities.

Convergence Quilt
Susan Benesh


English Paper Piecing
Jennifer Hope

English paper piecing  (EPP) is a time honored method of hand stitching  shapes together using paper templates. We will discuss  multiple techniques, supplies needed and show  inspirational examples.  Come try your hand at this easy, portable and beautiful quilting method!  

Jungle Animal Collage
Jane Wells


Leather Hexies
Laura Jackson

Learn how to use discarded leather items, vinyl, cork, or other non-wovens to make a trendy pillow top or wall hanging. Covering hexie placement, gluing and quilting to secure the hexies, get insights and ideas to make a unique project of your own at home.

Magic Flange Binding
Linda Johnson


My Quilt Top is Done, Now What
Anne Tinkel

Get tips on tips on choosing batting, layering, basting, methods of quilting and binding, and suggestions for quilt designs that would work best with your quilt.

Fast And Fun Quilts the GEasy Way
Becky Fenton

Trunk show and demos using the Stripology XL ruler by GE Quilt Designs to Cut-Sew-Cut Again-Sew Again-Trim your way to fast and easy beautiful blocks and quilts.

Wool Appliqué
Lynn Gerig


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